Toshiba announces HD DVD bedecked Qosmio laptop

Toshiba has announced the first HD DVD laptop, fitting since the standard is their baby, and it should be available in March along with most of the other first-gen HD DVD products. Their new Qosmio, with a model number unbeknownst to us, should mirror the capabilities of their existing line, such as Media Center OS, analog TV tuner, and juicy 1440x900 17-inch LCD displays, but it also throws in a GeForce Go 7 chip from NVIDIA to pump 1080p signals, presumably out a DVI port since we don't see that resolution hitting their LCDs just yet. Toshiba is also touting the included Dolby Home Theater sound for their new Qosmio, with some sort of simulated surround sound and boosted bass response. No word on price, but we'd be kidding ourselves to think Toshiba won't demand a hefty premium for the drive they're sticking in there, and we can't really blame them. Check the read link for some live pics.